A healthy offshore climate, numerous sports and cultural activities, and its location in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea are among the great advantages of Borkum, the first allergy-friendly island in Europe. In addition, there are seemingly endless sandy beaches and numerous houses and sights from the times of the whalers. We present you the most beautiful sides of the popular North Sea island.


The westernmost and, at just under 31 square kilometers, largest of the East Frisian Islands has a good 5000 inhabitants. Parts of the recognized North Sea spa and the adjacent mudflats belong to the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park.

Well protected in harmony with nature: The island of Borkum has preserved its natural heritage well. Located in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea, the island has an amazing number of different habitats. Over 560 plant species have found their home here. Hikes will take you along beautiful sandy beaches, through inland pastures to small freshwater ponds, across salt marshes and through small woods.

Do not miss you should take a mudflat hike, preferably under the guidance of a knowledgeable guide. They not only know when it is time to retreat before the tide comes in, but can also tell you all about the special features of this extraordinary habitat. Some 10,000 species of animals, unicellular organisms, fungi, plants, worms, mollusks, fish, birds and mammals live here in a very confined space. In addition, millions of migratory birds stop here every year on their way south.

And then there is the Borkum Reef: On this sandbank off the north beach, not only numerous seals can be observed sunbathing, but also some grey seals, after all the largest wild animals in Germany.

Beach without end

In terms of beach Borkum is particularly well positioned: there are 26 kilometers of sandy beach here. A youth beach, including loud music and campfires, as well as quieter sections suitable for families and a somewhat more secluded nudist area, which also offers a real highlight with a beach sauna. From the end of May to the end of October, a free, varied animation program is offered at the north and south beaches.

Actually the beach yes one big playground. There are additional, well-equipped playgrounds for children at the guarded beaches, but also in the island town. In case of bad weather, there is also a large indoor playground, the Spielinsel.
Have fun should also make a visit to the tide land. The Borkum adventure pool is a real wellness and adventure attraction. Modeled on an ocean liner, it offers a wide range of wellness and leisure activities over an area of 8,000 square meters.

Maritime sights

For a long time the Borkum lived from whaling. Accordingly, you can always come across stories and relics from that time on the island. For example, more than 220 years ago, the then whaling commander Roelof Gerritz Meyer built a fence of whale pine bones around his house in Wilhelm Bakker Street. And the entrance to the local history museum Dykhus leads through a gate formed by two upright jaws of a whale, inside you can admire the 15-meter-long skeleton of a sperm whale.

Three lighthouses at once show the ships the way around the island in the Ems estuary. The Old Lighthouse is the oldest building and landmark of the island. The New Lighthouse on the west side was built in 1879 and with its height of 60 meters offers a great view over the island and the surrounding Wadden Sea. Finally, the electric lighthouse in classic red and white is probably one of the most popular North Sea photo motifs of Borkum.
To the other sights of the island include the three churches, the Borkum water tower and the music pavilion, venue for numerous concerts worth listening to on the beach promenade.

Arrival: From Emden or Eemshaven (Netherlands) by ferry. At both jetties the car can be parked for a fee, but it may also be taken to the island. The ferry terminals can also be reached by train. From Emden airport there are five 15-minute flights a day to Borkum.

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