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Atmospheric, enchanting, somewhat mystical - you may have rarely seen Saxony like this. The pictures and films by content creator and photographer Johannes Hulsch, aka @bokehm0n, are beautiful. And so full of insider tips that even locals ask about his spots. Originally from the Erzgebirge, he is now a Leipzig resident by choice - with a soft spot for rural Saxony. Come along to his favorite places!

Written by Johannes Hulsch

Johannes Hulsch, Influencer from Leipzig, is at home in the world - and knows his home country like the back of his hand. His nickname "Bokehm0nThe name "Pokémon" is a mix of his childhood favorite game, Pokémon, and the term for depth of field or blur in photography.

As an influencer, you're on the road all over the world - what keeps drawing you out to your doorstep in Saxony? What do you particularly like about your home state? 

Since we as a family often spent the weekends with longer hikes through the Ore Mountains in my childhood, I can claim to know this part of Saxony almost as well as the back of my hand. Through my move to Leipzig I also got to know the north of the federal state better. I think it is important to know your home country well in order to be able to present yourself as a good host when friends or acquaintances from outside come to visit. This often distinguishes the local from the tourist, because there are places that are not in every travel guide. I think it is nice to be able to call Saxony or in particular the Ore Mountains one's home, because for outsiders it is rather one of the more unknown destinations in Saxony. Many are surprised at what the Ore Mountains have to offer, both scenically and culturally. From skiing on the Fichtelberg, hiking through the Schwarzwassertal, mountain biking on the Rabenberg to a leisurely stroll through the city of Annaberg-Buchholz, there is something for everyone.

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1. Saxon Switzerland

The Saxon Switzerland must not be missing in the top 5 most beautiful places in Saxony. The unique sandstone formations attract hundreds of thousands of hiking and climbing enthusiasts from all over Germany every year. Among the most beautiful views for me are the Small Winter Mountain and the Schrammstein View. Both can be reached on foot in less than 1.5 hours from Bad Schandbau. 
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2. goerlitz

Goerlitz has built up a good reputation in recent years, not only among Saxony connoisseurs, thanks to numerous Hollywood film shoots. In particular, the Upper Lusatian Library of Sciences, which with over 140,000 volumes is the largest and most important library in the Görlitz area, looks as if it has been brought into reality directly from the Harry Potter universe.
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3. leipzig country

The north of Saxony may not boast high mountains, but it does have a unique lake landscape. Here, too, you will find unique places such as the Herzsee lake with the mountain church in Beucha or the Vineta floating church on Lake Störmthal.
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4. Zittau Mountains

The Zittau Mountains is not only a paradise for hiking and mountain biking fans, but also a geographical feature. In the so-called border triangle, three different cultures meet: Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. One of the biggest tourist attractions is the Zittau narrow-gauge railroad, which has been in operation since 1890 from Zittau to Oybin and Johnsdorf with historic steam locomotives.
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5. ore mountains

For someone who grew up in the Ore Mountains, this part of Saxony can't be missing from my list of favorite places. From hiking in the summer through the Zschopau Valley to skiing in the winter at the Fichtelberg, there is something to discover in every season. My favorite places include the Fuchsbrunn Bridge, Wolkensteiner Schweiz and Schwarzwassertal.
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Cover photo: Forest wherever you look: the view from the Kleiner Winterberg is indescribable © Johannes Hulsch

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