She has marched through Western Australia on foot, backpacked across Great Britain, and conquered South Africa's Amatola Trail. But Saarland is new to the outdoor blogger. We accompany Kathrin Heckmann, known in the social media world as Fräulein Draußen (Miss Outdoors), on her hike through the rustic nature of the Saar-Hunsrück Climb..

As the blogger's name suggests, Kathrin prefers to spend her time outdoors, far away from urban centers and cities. So she had the best prerequisites for her premiere in the lonely, quiet northern Saarland, where part of the 410-kilometer Saar-Hunsrück Climb runs. Because of its high quality of experience and good signposting, the trail has been awarded the "Premium Hiking Seal," the highest distinction a trail can receive in Europe. But does it also convince Kathrin, who has already walked halfway around the world? 

Prelude with castle romance and butterflies

The plan: a four-day tour with selected stages between 13 and 25 kilometers. The start is in Grimburg, a village high up in the Saarland with fewer than 500 inhabitants and a pretty castle. There, hikers are allowed to pitch their tents in a meadow - that's quite romantic and completely to Kathrin's taste, who, as a native of Bavaria, is actually only really happy when she can watch the sunset from a summit. In the morning, she sets off for Weiskirchen, a spa town in the heart of the Saar-Hunsrück Nature Parks. It goes through a wild valley with ponds, meadows and wide views. Again and again Miss Outside pulls out the camera: there a sea of large ferns and bright pink foxglove, there babbling brooks, a deer in the undergrowth and so many different butterflies.

Bisons, mountains and a swimming lake

The air is clean, the motivation great: Because of the many ascents and descents, the route from Weiskirchen to the Losheim reservoir (the 5th official stage of the Saar-Hunsrück Climb) is just the right challenge for outdoor people like Kathrin. After the Rappweiler Game Park with its bison, it's uphill, right over several rock formations. Then another mountain range with the Engelsfelsen and Teufelsfelsen. Through the rustic Lannenbach Valley, Kathrin approaches Saarland's highest village, Scheiden. Take off your backpack and enjoy the spectacular view from the "Sinnenbank". After all, even outdoor girls are allowed to chill out. From here it is only one hour to the lake in Losheim. A jump into the water and on to the 4th section with the stage destination Bergen. Beech forests, an abandoned quarry and ponds line the path. And again and again wonderful views. Kathrin's conclusion in the evening: a highly varied tour with the potential to become a favorite stage. Her night camp, the Girtenmühle Estate, offers a cozy campsite as well as wine barrels and Finnish kotas for overnight stays. 

An adventure between heaven and earth

Day three begins with the end of the 4th stage of the Steig, before continuing from Britten on the 3rd stage towards Orscholz. The passage through the lonely Saarhölzbach valley is scenically beautiful for a few kilometers. Not a soul far and wide. Fräulein Draußen follows the path on narrow trails, some built into the slopes, then in switchbacks above Mettlach, which ceramic connoisseurs from all over the world head for. And suddenly - drum, whirl - lies the Saarschleife at Kathrin's feet. Although an Instagram star as a landmark, the real view of the real river making its way through the deep green forested gorge in a dramatic 180-degree turn more than exceeds her expectations. And all without a filter! The last kilometers lead along spectacular paths to the Cloef viewpoint - and their sleeping place. Today, it is located at a lofty height between the trees directly on the edge of the steep slopes. "Cloefhänger" is the name of the floating mountaineering beds. An experience of the extraordinary kind and a feeling of freedom that can definitely keep up with Miss Outside's outdoor highlights from Australia to Alaska. 

Inhale, exhale, arrive

Awakened by the chirping of birds, Kathrin leaves her rocking nest the next morning and sets off for the final section of the route to Borg, some 13 kilometers away. But before that, she pays a visit to the tree-top trail at the Cloef. The trail winds its way up a wooden footbridge, past numerous learning and adventure stations, to the 42-meter-high viewing platform with a panoramic view of the Saar and the green hills of the Saar-Hunsrück region. Even the Vosges Mountains can be seen!

Time for the final spurt, the 2nd stage of the Saar-Hunsrück Climb. Soon, Fräulein Draußen will be back where she feels most at home: in the forest. Breathe in, breathe out, take a deep breath and enjoy the natural beauty of the wild and romantic Steinbach Valley. The last two kilometers to the Roman Villa Borg are relatively flat, a pleasant run-out after four days on your feet. The end and beginning of the Saar-Hunsrück Climb are in Perl, about seven kilometers away. Where Germany, France and Luxembourg come into close contact - and Fräulein Draußen reviews her short trip. She finds, "A pretty great hiking experience amid amazingly wild nature and some pretty unique accommodations."

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