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The world's largest sequoia trees in California are over 100 meters tall. Their counterparts in Weinheim do not yet reach quite that high into the sky. But the exotic forest in Weinheim has plenty of other plants from all over the world to offer..

By train to the exotic forest Weinheim: Plan arrival

The tallest tree on earth is called Hyperion, is a coast redwood and grows in the Redwood National Park in California. And not only there. Since Baron von Berckheim invested a lot of money and effort in creating his exotic forest in the 1860s, it has also found a home in the pretty town of Weinheim in the Rhine-Neckar district. An entire section of the forest is planted with sequoia trees, which have already reached a clear height of 60 meters with their trunks covered in bright red bark. 

The other tree species in the 60-hectare arboretum are less tall, but no less exotic for that: Atlas cedars, Japanese sickle firs, sugar maples, Chilean araucaria and many more. The special thing about the exotic forest is that the trees are not only represented in individual specimens, as is the case in botanical gardens, but occupy entire sections of the forest, so that one can immerse oneself deeply in the unusual forest feeling. For those who want to be informed expertly and not just look: there is a guided tour through the exotic forest. It starts near the Schlosspark Weinheim and is about two and a half kilometers long.

Our tip: Be sure to visit the so-called cake tree, which in autumn exudes a clearly perceptible yeast aroma. And then quickly to the nearest café!

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