Once experience how man had to cope in the Stone Age? In the pile-dwelling universe at Lake Constance in Unteruhldingen, visitors can find out what life as Fred Flintstone might have felt like.

By train to the pile dwellings on Lake Constance: Plan arrival

Anyone who still remembers the TV series "Stone Age - The Experiment. Life as it was 5000 years ago" will immediately recognize the famous open-air museum in Unteruhldingen. Here, at the picturesque shore of Lake ConstanceIn 2016, thirteen people lived over a period of two months as if they were living in the Stone Age and showed a large TV audience that survival in prehistoric times also had its pitfalls. The reality actors lived in true-to-the-original Stone Age pile dwellings in the Lake Constance, made fires with tinder and pyrite, slaved with crude wooden carts and huge stone drills - a hard life and quite different from what you knew from the comic series "Family Flintstone".

This TV experiment was interesting above all because its setting was right: the archaeological open-air museum at the Lake Constance consists of elaborately restored replicas of pile-dwelling villages from the Stone and Bronze Ages. Just a few hundred meters away is the pile dwelling site "Unteruhldingen-Seewiesen", which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011. In total, the entire complex holds 23 reconstructed pile dwellings and two museum buildings.

Ample opportunity, then, to tune into the living conditions of our earliest ancestors for a few hours and try out the "Stone Age Trail" designed for interaction for once - small exercises in archaeologically correct excavation included. A highlight is also the 2013 opened Archaeoramawhere visitors can experience a very special dive via multimedia. Also very popular: historical performance groups take visitors into the unknown worlds of the past as part of numerous special programs. Every year, around 300,000 people visit the pile-dwelling universe at the Lake Constance. Because as Confucius knew, "Tell me the past, and I will know the future." 

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